Portable On-site Storage Trailers

Extra Capacity and Storage When You Need It

Only $125.00

Sewell Motor Express offers portable on-site storage trailers to businesses and individuals in the areas surrounding Wilmington, Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus Ohio. Our 53’ trailers maximize your storage opportunities. Sewell storage trailers can be delivered to your location for a small fee for the delivery and return of a trailer. We then charge a monthly fee depending on the size of the storage trailer.

Benefits of On-Site Storage

  • Both short and long-term storage options available
  • An excellent option for quick and secure on site storage of materials and equipment for construction companies
  • No large investments, just a small monthly fee
  • On-site delivery available
  • Solid and sturdy construction keeps the contents safe and secure
  • Spacious area for maximum storage
  • Weather resistant

On-Site Storage is Perfect For:

  • Industrial storage
  • Construction storage
  • Inventory Control and Storage
  • Sports equipment storage for individuals or teams
  • Overflow cargo and equipment storage
  • Temporary work space or workshops
  • Excess supplies storage

Upgraded your Storage with three different Security Options

  • King Pin Locks so your trailers cannot be stolen from site for only $10 a month.
  • King Pin Lock and GPS Tracking to protect you from those really determined thieves for only $50.00 a month.
  • Offsite storage in our yard – giving you extra room on at your location and putting your trailers under video surveillance for only $100.00 a month. (This does have a higher pickup and delivery charge.)

Store It

Racked or bulk square feet of commercial storage and portable on-site storage trailers available.