Warehousing and Distribution

Ohio & North Carolina Based Warehousing

Runway Logistics LLC is the warehousing and distribution division at Sewell Motor Express. Runway Logistics provides thousands of racked or bulk square feet of commercial storage. Runway Logistics can offer excellent commercial warehousing and distribution to the major metropolitan areas of southwest Ohio.

Put a Quarter Century of Experience to Work for Your Company

We have over 25 years experience in public warehousing including:

  • 24/7 monitored fire and burglar alarm systems
  • AIB food grade certified
  • Short/long term and fixed rate service agreements
  • Freight Consolidation Services
  • Area shuttle services
  • Conveniently located between Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus Ohio
  • Regional dry van and flatbed truck load services via Sewell Motor Express

Runway Logistic LLC’s expansive warehousing is perfect for short or long term storage of a wide range of commodities.

Need Commercial Warehousing? We Can Help!

If you are manufacturing and selling products, supply chain management can be a major headache. Maintaining enough storage space in house to handle the peaks and valleys of the demand cycle can be expensive and cumbersome. Sewell Motor Express founded Runway Logistics, LLC in 2003, to help our clients store and manage their inventories or other items until it’s time to transport to its final destination.

Benefits of Commercial Warehousing

  • Scale your warehousing and transportation expenses based on market demands
  • Avoid heavy investments in vehicles, facilities, and logistics
  • Focus your time and resources on your core competencies

Let Runway Logistics help you stay on top of your inventory and supply chain management with our advanced warehousing solutions.

Store It

Racked or bulk square feet of commercial storage and portable on-site storage trailers available.